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Magnetic Water Treatment

clamp-on magnetic water conditioner

Magnetically treated water has been found to produce some mysterious results. Decalcification of pipes, wetting of water, improved plant and seed growth, reduced bacteria and algae levels just to name a few. Armed with knowledge International Magnetic Solutions carried out some of its own experiments. We were happy that there was some truth and consistency to the observations. So we developed our own design of water treatment system in 1991. The very first clamp on system that many have tried to copy. The original prototype was called the "AQUATRON".

We now have a full range of great Magnetic water conditioners sold under the GrowFlow brand name.

3-inch magnetic water conditioner

Learn more about the GrowFlow range of products here:

GrowFlow magnetic water conditioners

For heavy mining and heavy industrial applications we also offer Scale Busta - the mighty scale buster!

Scale Busta - the Aussie-built scale buster