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Magnetic Therapy Hints & Tips

Hints and Tips for using magnetic therapy products

Magnetic products can and should be also used at night time. It is inertia, the lack of movement, that causes muscle cramping, spasming, pins and needles etc. These are all symptoms of bad circulation. Magnets promote blood flow locally where the symptoms are and prevent them occuring.

All support products are washable. Handwash in warm soapy water and lay flat to dry.

The magnets in the supports are alternating pole magnets that act in a dual capacity. Some are discs, others are rubberised, both have the same action: Pain relieving and swelling reduction. Magnetic fields act as a vaso dilator (increasing the blood into the skin, resulting from the relaxation of the small arterioles that lead into the capillary beds of the edges of the body). This is a gentle way to lessen early high blood pressure, decreasing the difficulty of pushing columns of arterial blood through miles of capillaries). Magnetic fields also act as a diuretic (tending to increase the secretion and discharge of urine).

Midi belt

The midi belt is an accessory belt. More specifically for above the waist, a little bit thinner. It resembles a kidney belt but the same principle as the wide belt. It can be worn with the curve up or down. In back injuries the belt will act as an anti-spasmodic for soft tissue injury, a muscle-relaxant for cramping muscles and it also relieves pain by oxygenating the blood into the whole area covered.

Headbands and eyeguards

Eyeguards (curved & straight) are designed to help those who suffer headaches, migraines, stress headaches, sinus problems and insomnia. The magnets are bipolar discs placed on the key pressure points to act as an antiflammatory through the sinus passages and as a muscle relaxant through facial tissue. There is one magnet at the third eye area. This is where the pineal gland is situated. This gland acts like a transducer; it reacts to external stimuli such as heat, light or lack of light. In turn the pineal gland sends messages to other parts of the body to react. The three hormones generated are:

This is directly related to the skin elasticity of the body - increasing serotonin levels reduces wrinkles and dryness.
This is important for the circadian rhythm, the sleep and wake phases of the body. Critical for insomnia problems, it controls the continuity of sleep.
This is very important for brain activity and mental acuity.

The eyeguard helps to stimulate the pineal gland to increase all of these hormones and has proved to be a very successful product.

The two shapes are directly related to your requirements. For insomnia use the flatter one and for sinus problems use the curved one to stimulate the lower sinus areas.

The same product works for migraine headaches as a passive treatment. Oxygenating the blood for 6 to 8 hours every night reduces inflammation and lactic acid build up preventing stress.

The analogy is that the healthy river is flowing freely, it is well oxygenated and the sick river lacks water, the flow suffers from loss of oxygen, lots of algae. Our body is just the same.

As an aid for migraine headaches or stress headaches, we advise you use them straight away as soon as the onset of the headache occurs.

All headbands have adjustable straps and are washable.


Pressure points in the feet are also activated by the raised bumps which are moulded on the insole. These acupressure points represent different parts of the body and when stimulated can relieve pain in these areas.

Insoles are also beneficial for diabetics, where they will provide warmth for their feet.

When cutting your insoles to size, ensure they sit flat in the shoe without any curvature, or the continual bend may cause premature wear and tear.