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"I am very happy to endorse AMS's credibility, quality, technical ability and reliability as a supplier.

As project leader of our Electromagnetic project, I have always dealt with your company for the supply of our rather varied permanent magnet requirements. We have always found AMS to be very efficient and helpful, particularly in terms of prompt delivery, in the quality of the goods supplied, and for technical advice. Where we needed a type of magnet specially constructed for us, the service was again prompt and efficient."

DR Peter J Ellis
Senior Research Associate
BHP Research
Melbourne Laboratories
BHP Steel

"NAL has traded harmoniously and successfully with AMS - since the latter's formation in the early '90's.

AMS's prices are competitive and their service reliable. Orders vary from small quantities (sometimes especially pre-fabed to help us out) to high values - always supplied promptly and to specification.

In fact, we possess a very sensitive and high tech application - where top quality and reliability is absolutely VITAL. The environment and inspection can only be described as "white-coat". Out of over 40,000 individual components supplied, from initial approval, for this important contract, there has not been one reject or a late delivery against schedule.

The above alone is testimony to the high regard we have for AMS's technical ability and commercial credibility."


"The product we have got, the miniature magnet, fulfills all our requirements. It has to be pointed out the designers from the Australian Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd achieved this with minimum consultations fully understanding our needs. It proves their high technical ability in solving new problems. By accepting such a unique design they show undoubtedly their reliability as a supplier of magnetic components.

DR Jarek Antoszewski

The University of Western Australia