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Strata Monitoring

Strata Movement Monitoring Magnet Sensors

If I were a few kilometers underground in a coal mine I think I would like to know that the roof above me is stable and not showing any signs of movement. Our task was not to invent the monitoring system but to make sure that what we did worked and was 100% reliable.

Magnets are used to detect any movement in the roof rock strata

The principle is simple. When the magnets move you know that the roof is moving. So the magnets must not have any movement between their clamping system and the roof rock strata, or you would get a false reading. The relative position of the magnets is monitored electronically.

The real word for this type of magnet is an "extensometer magnet".

As usual the trick at the end of the day is do you trust it. Well, we have proved that you can trust and rely on whatever Australian Magnetic Solutions designs. We had issues with properties of plastics such as temperature and deflection characteristics, magnet quality, field strength level and field strength consistency. Glue properties and method of application. Assembly strategies that work and minimize costs.