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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about magnetic technology
Glossary of Magnet Terms
Extensive glossary of magnetic technology and terminology
About Permanent Magnet Materials
Information about permanent magnet materials, particularly Niodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) - the latest and most significant development in permanent magnets for decades
History of Permanent Magnets
Covers the modern history of permanent magnets from Alnico in about 1940, through Ferrite and Samarium Cobalt to Neodymium Iron Boron in the 1980s.
Applications of Permanent Magnets
The range of products which can benefit from the use of permanent magnet materials such as NdFeB is enormous. This is a list of current applications.
How a Permanent Magnet Works
A simple, clear description of the working of permanent magnets
Manufacture of Rare Earth Magnets
NdFeB magnets are currently marketed under the two broad classifications of sintered and bonded. This page explains the manufacturing methods.
Basic design considerations for magnets
A few basic alterations to a magnetic circuit could result in a dramatic improvement in the results achieved from magnets. Learn how.
Magnetic Force Calculation (example)
This example of magnetic force calculation illustrates how a simple change in the magnetic circuit increased the lifting force of a magnetic device by a factor of 15.

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