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Magnet Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Testing

Australian Magnet Technologies Quality assurance system ensures consistent magnetic properties We make sure the magnets we sell are the right ones for the job. All magnets produced are batch traceable to the source. Here we consider factors of application, such as temperature, resistance to demagnetisation and other appropriate magnetic and non magnetic factors which may influence the on site performance. We have facilities to test our customers' magnets for uniformity in magnetic properties. This can ensure that a batch of magnets do not exceed a variance greater than the customer demands. Stock magnets are usually within a range of +/- 10% variance in magnetic properties. This can be tested to say + 0% to -5% of a Base Sample Magnet (Supplied by the customer). We have two systems operating. One is an automatic system for many small magnets and the other is a manual system for the larger magnets. All data is input into our software programs and an accurate result is obtained.