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Tuesday, 13 August 2002

As an organisation which prides itself on being a market leader in our industry, AMS wishes to extend this reputation not only as a provider of the highest quality products and services to our customers but also as the most reputable organisation that our customers deal with. To this end, we have chosen to comply with the National Privacy Principles to ensure that your privacy and the information you provide to the organisation are safeguarded at all times. In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, AMS is committed to:

  • Only collecting information from those we deal with which is necessary for our business to adequately service our customers.
  • Except where the law says otherwise, the only external organisation having access to this information are credit card/credit reference companies for finance approval.
  • We do not use any personal information we have collected for any other purpose without seeking the individualís consent first.
  • We will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is accurate and complete by contacting our customers and updating our data base on a yearly basis.
  • Individuals are able to remain anonymous when entering a transaction, by paying cash, they do not have to disclose personal information. This can be done by visiting our Head Office.
  • The security of all information held by the organisation prevents tampering or interference by outside sources or unauthorised use by employees or agents of the organisation.
  • Individuals can access the information that our organisation holds on them in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.
  • If an individual believes the information we hold on them is not accurate then they have the right to apply to the organisation to have that information corrected.

A Privacy Officer has been appointed to assist all individuals with requests for access to information or concerns about our handling of their information. That person may be contacted via email at