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Issue 3 - June 1991
IMS Holds Exclusive Licence for NdFeB Magnets

Why is IMS the only Australian Company Licensed to make and sell NdFeB Sintered Magnets?

The NdFeB magnet market is relatively new and growing rapidly. The ultimate success and profitability of the business depends heavily on the interaction between a broad industry base and a technically competent magnetic material supplier capable of providing a helping hand and sound suggestions when needed.

International Magnetic Solutions has made a significant commitment to the Australian industry and provides:

  • Technical design support from in-house capability and through association with Australian and overseas research and technology institutions such as our CSIRO and universities.
  • Prototyping facilities which make new developments easier to implement.
  • Local manufacturing capacity which means much shorter delivery lead times and a flexibility to match the customer requirements exactly.
  • Quality control - the ability to match the product to the application and then make sure that the product characteristics are consistent.
Patents, Licences

IMS holds the only licence to make and sell NdFeB sintered magnets under the Australian patents held by General Motors Corporation. General Motors Corporation holds Australian Patents No. 572120 and 570928 for this magnetic material.

Novel Applications

Extra strength makes the difference when it comes to new applications.

Magnetic Puller
Originally designed for lifting cam followers out of automotive engines. The need arose because designs using conventional magnets did not get the job done. The puller has a special sliding magnetic circuit that automatically fits the shape of the item being lifted and its design features allow the force to be focused on the item you want. With a lifting capacity of 5 kg over a 20 mm diameter surface, it can lift most tools, even large spanners.
Automatic Pool Lock
This device uses the high strength of the magnetic field to pull the locking bolt on a door or gate into the locked position when the gate swings shut. No more forgetting to secure the lock and no mechanical springs and parts to fatigue or wear out.
Increased Product Range

To increase our customer service, AMS can now offer a comprehensive range of magnet materials. In addition to sintered NdFeB we now manufacture Magne-quench bonded NdFeB. We also have a range of Ferrite and SmCo magnets available... Think of AMS first.

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