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Issue 1 - Feb 1990
Victor Cassar - AMS General Manager

IMS welcomes you to our first edition of AMS News. Our newsletter is forwarded quarterly to you, a key industry leader, with the objective of assisting the development of magnetic applications in Australia. We aim to provide our readers with up-to-the-minute information on new developments and issues pertinent to your industry as we advance into another decade of high technology.

IMS (formerly Australian Magnet Technology) is an Australian company with a commitment to excellence in the manufacture of high quality, rare earth permanent magnets from Neodymium Iron Boron alloy (NdFeB). Our company has a scientific and technical team at the leading edge of world magnetic technology. NdFeB magnets represent the latest and most significant development in permanent magnets for decades.

Their superior magnetic properties are represented in the graphs below.

Neodymium is a rare earth element found in monazite which is mined in many locations throughout Australia. Our major shareholder, SX Holdings Ltd, is building facilities to process the alloy within Australia so it will be a totally Australian product.

Whether your requirements are for large quantities or test samples you get professional, personalised service. AMS products are in stock or custom made to suit your application.

Through AMS you have access to scientific, engineering and marketing specialists who understand the magnet business well enough to best utilise the features to benefit your business.

AMS supplies both sintered and bonded types of precision engineered magnets with a wide variety of coatings and additions to suit any application.

Histogram of magnetic energy per cubic metre for steel AlNiCo Ferrite SmCo and NdFeB materials Flux density B vs magnetizing field for the important classes of permanent magnets AlNiCo Ferrite SmCo and NdFeB
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