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Just a simple magnet Wrong

Navigation Magnet

Looks like a simple magnet that you can buy from anywhere? Sorry, very very wrong, as our customers will confirm.

We have developed strict procedures for every step in the manufacture and handling of this magnet. Even an incorrect packing method will destroy the critical magnetic characteristics required for this application.

The first obvious (obvious to Australian Magnetic Solutions trained staff) difference is the magnetic alignment. It's through the diameter. Not normally a big deal. Magnets have the ability to remember their whole life's history. Sometimes the history contains trauma, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the trauma makes a difference to its performance in the application and sometimes it doesn't. Well, with this magnet we had to erase its history and start again giving it a total rebirth before it would do the job asked of it.

Just another dilemma solved by Australian Magnetic Solutions. What's your problem?