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Maglift 100 Maintenance

Periodic Inspection, Testing & Repair of Maglift 100/200

Lifting Magnets should be visually inspected daily by the operator and/or a qualified person.

A visual inspection should be made for the following and any abnormal conditions should be reported to a qualified person for further inspection and possible repair:

  1. The condition of the lifting eye, check for damage and tightness of the securing screws.
  2. The Lifting Magnet control handle ON/OFF condition. Check that it is fixed tightly into the rotor shaft and that it isn't loose.
  3. Condition of the labels regarding safety warnings and capacity ratings.

Periodic Inspection of the Lifting Magnet should be made on an annual basis by a qualified person and date recorded in a logbook. A complete examination should be carried out and any deficiencies such as those listed above shall be examined. In addition, the following items shall also be examined for deformation, wear and corrosion:

  1. The Lock Pin for the Control Handle
  2. Warning Labels
  3. Lifting Eye
  4. All Fasteners

Any defective condition disclosed by the inspection must be corrected before normal operation of the Lifting Magnet is resumed. All repairs must be recorded in a logbook. Any Lifting Magnet that cannot be immediately repaired must be tagged as defective.

A Lifting Magnet that is tagged defective must not be used until properly repaired and inspected and tested by a qualified person.

Only repairs to the outside of the Lifting Magnet are allowed as follows:

  1. Tightening/Replacing Fasteners
  2. Tightening/Replacing Lifting Eye
  3. Replacing Control Handle
Repair parts - Eye, Fasteners and Control Handles parts must come from Australian Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd or an authorized agent only.

Disassembling of the lifting Magnet can be hazardous.

If for any reason the lifting magnet needs repair and/or re-certifying, an authorised service centre must be used.