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PAIN is NO gain! Especially when you continually suffer from it, the word itself provokes tension and wincing.

Pain occurs when conditions cause the capillary pores to dilate and allow the escape of blood proteins into the cell area. This crowding of the proteins attracts fluid (inflammation), causes pain, and deprives some of the cells in the area of proper nutrients, resulting in poor cellular functioning.

The simple introduction of a Magnetic Field can provide stimulation of not only the lymphatic system, but of every cell within the body and create the optimum environment in which the body can heal itself.

It is common among us to passively put our problems in the hands of people who cannot possibly know or understand our pain as intimately as we do and continually resort to potentially dangerous medication at exorbitant costs.

Why not become actively involved in your own health and well being and surprise your practitioners and family with positive results from a natural non-invasive treatment that is also safe for the mind, body as well as pocket.

Our wide range of products caters for every part of the body whether it be in sleep, work, travel or at play.

There are also pet beds available to provide maximum comfort and pain free bliss for our furry friends!

Our products are of superb quality and made from materials such as spandex, elastic and neoprene plush for ultimate comfort, support and adjustable sizing.

Bipolar, rubber and neodynium magnets are used and strategically placed with gauss ranging from 300 to 3500 depending on type of magnet.

A Few Notes From Some Of Our Happy Customers:
Magnets stop chronic snoring...

This is a little note, with a huge thank you ...

... has always been a chronic snorer, and that goes right back to his boarding school days. ... has been to doctors, specialists, had sleep tests, laser surgery, but all to no avail.

... the big news is, and I'm still finding it so hard to believe it has been so simple, after all these years, from the moment, and I do mean MOMENT, he put his head on the magnetic pillow, the snoring stopped...

... A miracle !! Maybe not, just magnets...

... Forever in debt of your products.


Magnets Improve Health...

...I wore them as you suggested, and kept them on for about 3 or 4 weeks. My health has improved from that time, until now I am perpetually fit and well.


Magnets provide pain relief after foot reconstruction...

Just a few lines to thank you so much for all the help after my foot reconstruction...

...the specialist had told us it would take 12 months ... and here we are at 9 months walking without frame, crutches and 'the boot'...

...I'm sure your magnetic pillow has had a lot to do with the pain relief, and can't thank you both enough for your part in it.

Beth & Luke

Magnetic knee brace provides pain relief for arthritis...

Thank you for sending me the knee brace. It is the right size and extremely comfortable to wear under my uniform at work. I have had a great deal of pain in my right knee and now in my left knee. When I found out that arthritis had set into my knees I was extremely disappointed. At 33 years old I am a police officer and spend a great deal of time on my feet.

After purchasing one of your Magnetic Therapy knee braces from your stall at the Kingston Market in Canberra and wearing it that same night I received a great deal of relief in my knee. I can now wear the knee brace while I sleep at night and the smaller knee brace under my uniform at work. The relief that your product has brought to the pain in my knees is a Godsend. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. I am both a very grateful and very happy customer.


Exerpt supplied by Rolo Australia

One of the newest therapies to be introduced to the western world from the field of Oriental Medicine, is that of Bio-Magnetics. This involves the use of magnetic fields on the human body to temporarily relieve pain and stiffness and also assist in the maintenance of peripheral blood flow. Early Chinese medical texts dating back 2,000 years verify the use of magnetic fields to treat the human body. Bio Magnetics is the science of applying selected magnetic fields to the human body. In the last several decades, considerable research has taken place worldwide, and a large range of products have been sold around the world, achieving impressive results, prompting a greater range of products designed to cope with a variety of symptoms on various parts of the body. Technological improvement in magnet composition has allowed the production of more highly powered magnets without increased size, and so has opened up new avenues for therapeutic applications. In recent times, with the introduction of these Rare Earth magnets, more convenient application and effective temporary treatment for chronic conditions is now possible. The use of magnets in the treatment of medical disorders is by no means new. In 1520 when a respected physician in Munchen, Germany, Philippus von Hohenheim, began writing books dealing with medicine, chemistry, and philosophy. One of his books contained a chapter dealing with the use of magnets in medicine. Paraceisus, a 16th. century professor of medicine in Germany wrote a paper titled 'De Magnete' and pointed out that magnetism had been widely used by the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and the Emperors of Rome. Chinese medical texts dating back 2,000 years verify the use of magnets on the human body for treatment of various conditions. In 1777 Abbot Lenoble in France made and tested therapeutic magnets and began making reports to the Royal Society of Medicine, which then replicated 48 cases of magnetic healing for toothache, temporary relief of rheumatic pains, nervous tension, stomach spasms, and others. An article published in the Japan Medical Journal in 1976 by Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, Director, lsuzu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan gave a comprehensive background to bio-magnetic research with 68 references to other work. At this point Dr. Nakagawa and his colleagues had been working for 20 years on the subject. In this article he describes what he calls the 'Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome'. He points out that the strength of the earth's magnetic field has decreased 50 % during the last 500 years,and continues to decline at 0.05 % per year. Moreover contemporary styles of housing (steel and iron frame buildings) combined with prevalent use of enclosed cars, trains, buses, airplanes, and subways, all which tend to absorb incoming magnetic energy. These developments have resulted in reduced exposure of the earth's field on the human body, and a potential cause of disease in the body. He believes this is why exposure to permanent magnets has shown positive effects. The American Medical Journal J.A.M.A. of February 1982 published a report by Dr. Basset et al on the results of a test conducted on over a thousand bone fractures. As a result of magnetic treatment approximately 77 % of these cases were healed. It was discovered that the magnetic treatment of bone fractures had a beneficial effect on minor infections. This is also well known in Sweden and Russia where the infection inhibiting effect of magnetic treatment is known and documented. Professor Olav Lindahl declared in 1983 that pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders where conventional treatment fails to help, have been cited in at least four first-class studies indicating that magnetic therapy provides temporary relief for these disorders. A report appeared in the British Medical Journal 'Lancet' where Dr. Helen Evans Reid wrote about her leg pains which disappeared by the application of 'a simple magnet' under her legs. She appealed to her colleagues to pay attention to this 'Old Folks Remedy'. In 1976 Dr. K. Nakagawa reported in the Japan Medical Journal that 'magnetotherapeutic devices have the following features:- (1) They can be easily used (2) They can be used for long hours continuously. (3) The user can adjust the hours of usage to the subjective symptoms'. A multitude of studies have shown that a permanent magnetic field assists in the maintenance of peripheral blood circulation, and provides temporary relief of pain and stiffness. Considerable technological advancement has occurred in the manufacture of permanent magnets opening up new applications. The advent of Rare Earth magnets, possessing very high strength for their physical size, has made it possible to create more varied and effective therapeutic products. It has long been known that permanent magnets could have a beneficial effect on health. In recent times there has been enormous technological improvements yielding permanent magnets made from Rare Earths that have extremely high strength for their weight and size. The products use these specially Rare Earth magnets to achieve very strong magnetic fields, which have been found to be capable of giving temporary relief from muscular aches and pains. Additionally, success has been experienced in providing temporary relief for the painful symptoms relating to the following ailments (incomplete list) :- Arthritis Backache, Fatigue, Eczema, Headaches, Insomnia, Menstrual pain, * Muscular Pain Rheumatism, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Stress, Stiffness, Tension, Toothache, Whiplash.

* USE ONLY AS DIRECTED, AND CONSULT YOUR PRACTITIONER IF PAIN OR SYMPTOMS PERSIST. Permanent magnetic therapy is a non-invasive method of assisting with health problems. It does not involve needles, pills, drugs or surgery. It is not a universal cure-all, but is effective in the temporary relief of the painful symptoms of a large number of disorders. The magnetic field from a permanent magnet placed close to the human body penetrates the skin, tissues and the bones. Research has shown that magnetic fields induce an electromotive force, assisting in the maintenance of the peripheral circulation.

CAUTION! Can they be applied for everyone? CAUTION!


  • DO NOT use with a pacemaker
  • DO NOT use on abdomen when pregnant
  • DO NOT use if irritation occurs.
  • ONLY use externally. Always consult your doctors for any ailments. In rare cases, a slight increase in discomfort may occur initially due to the magnet's effect on the organism's self-healing energies, it should not be a problem but if it persists, try reversing the magnet.
  • Please KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Some parts are very small.