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Magnetic Therapy Jewellery (Jewelery Jewelry Jewlry)

From anywhere in the world, no matter how you spell it, the word jewellery has the same meaning: beautiful ornaments that adorn the body.

Combine magnetic power with these lovely trinkets and you have the added benefit of internal health and well-being.

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One of our range of magnetic necklaces with pendant - surfers love this one! Beautiful and health-giving - a magnetic tiger-eye bracelet

Magnetic health products including bracelets, hand rings, hand chains, necklaces, bangles, pendants, anklets, finger rings and ear clips which relax rheumatic pain, enhance blood circulation and metabolism and make your whole body feel more comfortable.

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This is jewellery that looks great and helps you feel great! We have a large variety of necklaces, bracelets, earings and anklets in many gorgeous, colourful crystals such as jasper, agate, howlite, tiger eye, sunstone, hematite etc, ferrite, gold and silver.

Necklace and earrings of polished ferrite beads. The magnetic field aids circulation and eases stiff neck and shoulders asthma and sore throats.

Combinations of magnetism and crystal powers provide various energies for the body and will overall aid in good circulation.

Magnetic bracelets and anklets are used for blood pressure complaints hand arm leg and foot pain.

Magnetic necklaces are used for ailments of the upper part of the chest and throat, such as stiff neck and shoulders, asthma, sore throats etc. Magnetic bracelets and anklets are mainly used for blood pressure complaints, hand, arm, leg and foot pain.

The magnets used range in strength from 700-1300 gauss.

This necklace clasp uses super-stong neodymium magnets. No fiddly hooks - to open it just pull it apart.