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Magnetic Influence is the Consumer and Therapy division of Australian Magnetic Solutions.

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Magnetic Influence provides products of the utmost of quality. Our customers are not only happy with our products but astounded with their results.

Supplying you with the best value for money, our prices are affordable and very competitive.

Magnetic Influence specialises in magnetic therapy products including jewellery, magnetic aids for the human body as well as magnetic products for pets.

In manís long search for a universal cure-all, none fits the description nearly as well as magnetic energy fields. The application of magnetic energy on areas of pain is inexpensive and unlike prescription drugs, is without any dangerous side effects.

START NOW - take an active interest in your own health, stop suffering, stop using chemical drugs and start using nature's healing energy Ė MAGNETS !!! (more information)

Magnetic Therapy Jewellery (Jewelery Jewelry Jewlry)

Magnetic jewellery online sales

From anywhere in the world, no matter how you spell it, the word jewellery has the same meaning: beautiful ornaments that adorn the body.

Ferrite and red gypsy bracelet - magnetic therapy jewellery Ferrite and yellow jade pendant - magnetic therapy jewellery Ferrite and turquoise bracelet - magnetic therapy jewellery

Combine magnetic power with these lovely trinkets and you have the added benefit of internal health and well-being.

This is jewellery that looks great and helps you feel great! We have a large variety of necklaces, bracelets, earings and anklets in many gorgeous, colourful crystals such as jasper, agate, howlite, tiger eye, sunstone, hematite, magnetic ferrite, gold and silver. Check out our unique designs such as our Yin Yang pendant (about Yin and Yang)

Combinations of magnetism and crystal powers provide various energies for the body and will overall aid in good circulation. (Guide to crystals and their effects on health and well-being)

Magnetic Therapy Products For The Human Body and Pets

Magnetic therapy online sales

Health and therapy magnets

As an Australian manufacturer and supplier of pain relief products for the past 10 years. We are dedicated and committed to bringing our customers only the highest quality magnetic therapy products to relieve their aches and pains.

Our focus is innovation and affordability to any one with soft tissue injury, sports injuries or aches and pains that come with age.

We supply a large selection of magnetic therapy aids, including bed underlays, wrist bands, ankle supports, elbow straps, back belts, knee guards plus much more, as well as magnetic underlays for pets.

Our Therapy Magnetic Insoles are made from flexible magnetic rubber and are moulded with raised bumps that act as the added benefit of stimulating the acupressure points in the foot which pertain to different parts of the body. (Reflexology Foot Chart)

Various products are made from spandex and neoprene plush with elastic and velcro attachments for ultimate comfort and adjustable sizing. The magnets used are flexible magnetic strips, bipolar ferrite discs or neodymium button magnets. For more information see the helpful tips for using magnetic therapy products.

More information: Magnetic jewellery - Magnetic therapy - Yin-Yang - Crystal guide - Reflexology chart - Therapy hints
An Explanation of the graphics used in the logo for Magnetic Influence

Magnetic Influence on atoms and electrons is a well-known scientific fact. It is also well known that all cells making up our bodies are made up of atoms. Chemical reactions occur as a result of various atoms and their electrons interacting. Our bodies work on chemical reactions.

I believe that magnetism is an alternating field oscillating in some currently unknown fashion or dimension. I am talking about permanent and direct current magnetism here not electromagnetic fields created by alternating currents. We know that electromagnetic fields oscillate with respect to time as a result of the time oscillating electric currents that create them.

Therefore Magnetic fields have a similar Influence on their environment as all other oscillating fields. Examples of time oscillating fields are sound, light, electricity and waves on the ocean. Heat radiation can also be made to oscillate. Visible light, by the way, is just a small part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

In the following explanation of the Magnetic Influence logo I use a number of terms and concepts that will help explain why seemingly separate objects transmitting oscillating fields have Influence on other remote objects. The terms we need to understand are Frequency, Natural Frequency, Natural Frequency Response, Resonance and Harmonics. For those not familiar with these terms they have been included in the site glossary - just click on the term you are interested in to open the glossary in a new window.

Magnetic Influence Logo graphics Explanation

The logo graphics give a visual representation of how various energy systems in our universe interact.

We start off with a stable still place with a few different objects scattered throughout. The objects are of different shapes and colours to represent objects containing different Natural Frequencies and hence having different Natural Frequency Responses.

The still place then begins to change colours, the colours representing a series of energy signals, Influences, of differing Frequencies, coming from external bodies. As the page background colour, Frequency, matches the colour of the shapes they explode in a flash of colour as they Resonate in response to the Influence of the external field matching their Natural Frequency.

From this explosion radiates a wave of energy at the specific natural Frequency, colour, of the exploding object moving away from the shape center like rings of a ripple from a pebble thrown in water.

As these rings come in contact with the objects of the same Natural Frequency, colour, the object ignites sending out another wave of the same Frequency, colour. The ignition process continues as a chain reaction forming a kaleidoscope pattern over space. Each successive hit produces a lower energy ignition and a wave with a shorter travel distance as the Harmonic energy levels decay.

At the end of the reaction we end up with the same page we started with. We have the same shapes back to a zero energy state.

The actual printed logo is a single snapshot taken at a specific time during the harmonic reaction of the animation.

When I was last in Japan I came across an artist who built Resonating Musical instruments. You would play one and others in the room would respond. I had to walk out of the room because of all the harmonics and beat frequencies that were generated just by playing one of the large metal drums. The resulting sonic mess or annoying sound patterns were due to the random spatial distribution of the instruments in the room. That's what I want to represent in colour. Technically a flash of white light should be enough to set them all going as it represents a step function (a discontinuity) which contains a large number of frequencies but not many people are aware of that.

I hope this short note helps you understand why everything in our universe influences the way our universe behaves. Magnetic fields are just one of these influences.


Victor Cassar
Managing Director
Australian Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd
Magnetic Influence