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Magnet testing

We test Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets

How are the magnets in your Drum Separator feeling ?

How are the electromagnets in your system feeling ?

We can test them at a scheduled shut down of your line. It takes only a few hours.

Having tested in excess of 350 pieces of magnetic equipment throughout NSW and Queensland we have found a number of items that were not working to operator expectations. Statistically this suggests there is other magnetic equipment in YOUR industry not operating correctly.

The companies that were previously unaware of their equipment problems have now taken the corrective action recommended by International Magnetic Solutions and are well on the way to improving the efficiency oftheir plants.

What does IMS test?

Our current standard testing procedure is based on the assumption that the current manufacturers of magnetic equipment have optimised the field strength and gradients in their equipment designs. As this is controlled by the geometry of the design the relationship between field density and gradient is fixed.

So measurements of field density indicate relative change in both flux density and effective field gradients.

As both of these factors combined control the equipment operation we get a good picture of changes in magnetic efficiency.

Hence our test reports give you comparative information on the magnets or electromagnets in your equipment by comparing the magnetic characteristics of your equipment to other equipment of the same type in service and identifying changes in your electromagnet magnetic characteristics between successive tests.

The test results tell the story in two ways:

  • Is your equipment as strong as it should be?
  • Is your equipment's performance deteriorating?

If it is found that the strength is significantly low or is deteriorating corrective action can be taken before it significantly affects efficiency.


Test results are presented in two formats:

  • Table of readings
  • Graphical report

The graphs have been designed to give a visually meaningful representation of the test results, and compare your specific equipment with our database average for your type of equipment.

Magnetic drum test results from International Magnetic Solutions including field grouping magnetic vectors historical trending comparison with average readings and mechanical tests

(Please click on the image for a larger view of the test report)

The database is designed to identify and combine the results of all tests carried out on any specific magnetic or electromagnetic equipment. Hence the graphical reports generated as a result of future tests will show all test results on one graph as well as the Mean of our database.

The graphical report provides immediate visual representation of any changes in the magnetic properties of the equipment. Any deterioration is obvious and corrective action will be recommended by International Magnetic Solutions if the change is significant.

If the graph shows no change in magnetic performance yet you identify changes in efficiency the equipment setup should be checked. If the setup is correct it would then be reasonable to assume that the equipment magnets are not the cause of your problems.

These reports should help to make your maintenance job a bit easier. If you can suggest improvements to the report structure we're all ears!