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Magnets - Neodymium
Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are super strong rare earth magnets in standard and special shapes
Magnets - Ferrite
Ferrite magnets are medium to low strength magnets in standard shapes
Magnets - Al-Ni-Co
Al-Ni-Co magnets (Aluminium Nickel Cobalt rare earth magnets)
Magnets - Flexible
Flexible magnetic material is low strength flexible material in standard sheets and rolls
Magnets - Sm-Co
Samarium Cobalt magnets are strong magnets in standard shapes used in special and high temperature applications
Magnetic Influence
Magnetic Influence - Therapy Magnetic Products from IMS
Magnetic Products
Magnetic products manufactured by IMS
Mining Equipment
Australian Magnetic Solutions: Mining Equipment
Lifting Equipment
Magnetic Lifting Equipment from Australian Magnetic Solutions
Suspension Magnets
Suspension Magnets available from Australian Magnetic Solutions
Overband Magnets
Overband Magnets available from Australian Magnetic Solutions
The Sweeper
Magnetic Broom "The Sweeper" from Australian Magnetic Solutions