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International Magnetic Solutions brochures:
Letter to customers from Victor Cassar about our new name International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd previously  known as Australian Magnet Technology Pty Ltd
Letter to customers
International Magnetic Solutions A3 Brochure
A3 Brochure
IMS market trader brochure
Market trader products
Our product brochure for the Handymagnet - Tool or Toy! download view or print
Handymagnet Poster - Tool or Toy
Our product brochure for the Handymagnet Multi Purpose Magnetic Therapy System download view or print
Handymagnet Therapy Poster
Eclipse Ultralift Plus brochure:
Eclipse ultralift plus brochure on pdf 2 pages
Pages 1 and 2
Eclipse magnetics brochure:
Eclipse magnetics
Page 1
Eclipse magnetics
Page 2
Eclipse magnetics
Page 3
Eclipse magnetics
Page 4
Eclipse magnetics
Page 5
Eclipse magnetics
Page 6
Magnetic couplings brochure:
Magnetic couplings brochure
Page 1
Magnetic couplings brochure
Page 2
Flexmag brochures:
ULTRA-MAG sheeting is a thermoplastic permanent magnet material with a multi magnetic polarization designed to produce greater holding  force on magnetically receptive surfaces
Now you can save money on magnetic sheet without  sacrificing quality power or printability ThinMag is  incredibly thin with surprisingly impressive holding power
SafeMag is a unique backcoated flexible magnetic sheeting The backcoating is a safe barrier between the magnetic surface and the surface to which it is applied
Custom designed extrusion and custom cut parts to fit your specifications Standard and high energy strip Magnetized with the correct pattern for your application or not magnetized Strip available with pressure sensitive adhesive backing
Attach Ferrosheet to any smooth surface Flexible magnets  can now be applied to the Ferrosheet without the pole  alignment challenge caused by magnet to magnet attraction
FLEXMAG can meet even the most unusual design  requirements with Ultra-Mag custom magnetic strip
of things
to come
Enviromag environment-friendly flexible magnets
Sidemag - on the cutting edge of trade show graphics
Flexmax - the ultimate magnet
Industrial and Mining Magnet products brochure:
Industrial and Mining Magnet Product List. NB Large pdf file. We recommend you RIGHT click and select Save Target As to download this document.

A range of industrial and mining magnetic systems available from International Magnetic Solutions, including: Self-cleaning permanent and electro-magnets, manual cleaning magnets including oil-cooled, magnetic head pulleys, grid magnets, magnet rods and sweepers, eddy current and wet drum separators, scrap and other lifting magnets. (1.5MB download)