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Safety and Handling

Important Safety Advice & Operational Procedures

  1. Always instruct new operators to read this handbook before using the Maglift 100/200. Lifting magnets shall be operated only by qualified and designated personnel.
  2. Conduct of Lifting Device Operators:
    1. The operator shall give attention to the operation of the lifts during a lifting sequence.
    2. When physically or otherwise unfit, an operator shall not engage in the operation of the equipment.
    3. The operator shall be responsible for those operations under his/her control. Whenever there is any doubt as to safety, the operator shall consult the supervisor before handling the load.
    4. The operator shall respond only to instructions from designated persons. However, the operator shall obey a stop order at all times, no matter who gives it.
    5. The operation of the lifter shall be observed before using and during a shift. A defect observed shall be carefully examined by an appointed person. If the defect constitutes a hazard, the lifter shall be removed from service.
    6. The operator shall be familiar with standard hand signals when applicable.
    7. The operator shall land any attached load and store the lifter before leaving the lifting device.
    8. All controls shall be tested by the operator before use. If any controls do not operate properly, they should be adjusted or repaired before operations are begun.
    9. The operator shall not ride or allow others to ride loads.
  3. Do not alter the attitude of the surface of the load from horizontal to vertical.
  4. The lifting magnet shall not be loaded in excess of itís rated load or any load which it is not designed for. Do not exceed the capacity of the Maglift 100/200. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON STEEL PLATE LESS THAN 5MM THICK.
  5. Do not lift round material.
  6. The Lifter shall be applied to the load in accordance with this instruction.
  7. Before lifting, the operator shall make sure that Lifter ropes, chains, or cables are not kinked or twisted.
  8. Ensure that the Lifter is positioned on the componentís centre of gravity ensuring a balanced lift.
  9. Care should be taken to ensure that the load is correctly distributed for the Lifter being used. Always use 2 Lifters and a spreader bearn to lift loads which are over 1500mm (60 inch) in length.
  10. The lifter shall be brought over the load in such manner as to minimise swinging. It is important to make all movements as smooth as possible and not to "jolt" the lifter at any time.
  11. Care shall be taken that there is not sudden acceleration or deceleration of the load.
  12. Do not allow load or Lifter to come into contact with any obstruction.
  13. Do not carry the load over people.
  14. Load capacity is reduced at temperatures over 40 degrees Centigrade.
  15. Ensure that the Lifting Magnet is stored in a specified space where it will be protected from weather excessive temperatures and damage.
  16. Do not expose the Maglift 100/200 to temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Centigrade as permanent damage can occur.
  17. Always ensure that the component and pole feet are clean and that the Lifter is in direct contact with the component. The full face of the magnet must contact the load if the Lifter is to achieve maximum capabilities.
  18. Regularly inspect the pole feet for burrs which could cause unnecessary airgaps.