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AMS is an Australian company with a commitment to excellence in the manufacture of high quality, rare earth permanent magnets. Our company has a scientific and technical team at the leading edge of world magnetic technology.

Whether your requirements are for large quantities or test samples you get professional, personalised service. AMS products are in stock or custom made to suit your application.

Through AMS you have access to scientific, engineering and marketing specialists who understand the magnet business well enough to best utilise the features to benefit your business.

AMS supplies both sintered and bonded types of precision engineered magnets with a wide variety of coatings and additions to suit any application.

AMS History

Australian Magnet Technology was established in 1989 by Mr. Victor Cassar to manufacture Rare Earth Magnets and products utilizing the super strength of the magnets. The main focus is on magnets of an alloy of Neodymium iron and Boron. The business strategy over the years has been directed towards using AMS's technical knowledge in magnets to produce new and specialized magnetic equipment. AMS is known for its ability to use magnets to solve process and manufacturing difficulties. AMS is structured to offer services in the following areas :

  • Magnet Manufacture & Distribution
  • Magnet Product Manufacture & Distribution
  • Design and prototype of magnetic Equipment.
  • Maintenance of once existing magnetic equipment.

Our maintenance division, Mining Magnetic Maintenance is focused on the mining industry specializing in magnetic equipment used in mining processes. Our Advantages are :

  • Sound Knowledge of magnet technology and its application
  • Solid maintenance background
  • Sophisticated magnetising and testing equipment
  • Location
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AMS Today

AMS is committed to continuous development of our distribution channels, customer service department and sales staff. Our sales and marketing teams are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of magnet technology. They can help you select the most appropriate magnet solutions to meet your needs. If you need custom-designed magnets, our R&D Department, combined with external alliance partners if required, can help you get the job done with ease. Challenge us with your unique situations - we enjoy seeing the results of our efforts !!!

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AMS Mission Statement

To develop innovative magnetic applications for the benefit of man and the environment - while establishing Australian Magnetic Solutions as the leader in Global magnet technology development. This will necessitate the creation of specialists in the field of magnetic applications in medicine, minerals, energy, recycling and manufacturing. We remain forever optimistic in the knowledge that today's impossibilities are tomorrow's common place assumptions.

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AMS Strategic Positioning

  • Provide quality representation to advanced manufacturer's, Group Arnold.
  • Develop strategic alliances with quality Chinese manufacturers of magnets.
  • Develop distribution network based on quality products.
  • Develop manufacturing capability in products based on magnetic principles.
  • Develop strategic alliances with research and education bodies throughout the world.
  • Expand in house design capabilities for product development.
  • Establish ties with new and potentially viable technologies.
  • Assist other technologically advanced corporations with the applications of magnetic principles to improve the application of their products.
  • Investigate the possibility of nonconventional technologies with potential to revolutionize thought and principals.
  • Employ the best creators in there field of expertise.
  • Form Joint Ventures with Overseas Manufacturers of Magnetic Equipment.
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AMS CEO Statement

We seek to give our customers, and the marketplace in general, technical innovation that is "beyond most expectations". Australian Magnetic Solutions's solutions not only do a good job, they feel right and simplify the task. We enhance our business approach through using quality products and associations with reputable alliance partners. We find that this creates trust and loyalties that are rare in depth, and certainly appreciated by customers and suppliers alike. In order to better serve our customers we are constantly expanding our product and service range. Recently, we increased our sales and production capacity by almost double by relocating to a larger, more effective premises. Very importantly - we are striving to expand the already high level of expectation our customers have come to expect of us. The market has long been in need of a magnet supplier / magnet advisory services provider that not only deliver a magnetic product, but service and innovation. We are that established magnetic educational resource that is constantly raising the bar of expectation and we are very proud to say we are making the maze a little harder for our competitors.

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WE KNOW MAGNETS --- simply put but it means a lot.

It means we know:

  • What is available and their limitations.
  • Where they are used and manufactured.
  • Who uses and makes magnets.
  • Why any particular magnet is preferred for the job.
  • How to evaluate a magnet.
  • Importantly, what are the current trends in the technology.
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Australian Magnet Technology is positioned between magnet manufacturers and end users. The experience gained with magnet manufacture and assembly design makes Australian Magnet Technology the ideal go between by:

  • Translating customer requirements into magnet assemblies.
  • Transforming Magnet assembly constraints into magnet specifications.
  • Matching magnet specifications to appropriate magnet manufacturers.
  • At times modifying customer expectations to match magnet technology.
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Australian Magnetic Solutions makes the client comfortable and confident in the knowledge that we know our business.
We have found that our magnet and application experience has motivated Australian Magnet Technology to become vertically integrated. Hence we cover a range of activities including:

  • Sale and Manufacturing

    Magnetic Assemblies
    Magnetic Lifting Devices
    Magnetic Separation Equipment

  • Design & Prototype

    Magnetic devices and assemblies for other manufacturers and Australian Magnet Technology itself.
    Both intuitive designs and detailed designs using finite element analysis.
    Special requirement applications.

  • Quality

    All of our Magnets are manufactured under Certified Quality Systems ISO 9001.
    A matter of matching needs with capability.
    Make sure the customer understands what is needed magnetically and why.
    Make sure the supplier is meeting specifications.
    Keep suppliers and customers informed of changes.

  • Testing

    Make sure that the magnetic assemblies are doing their job. We have developed specialized testing methods for individual magnets and magnetic assemblies.

  • Product Development

    We at times develop new products to satisfy customer requirements including lifting devices, separators, latching systems and collection systems.

  • New Market Development

    Sales will be created by developing New Products into non traditional markets. These are typically application and innovation driven markets.

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  • Impulse magnetiser with a 40KOe capacity.
  • Magnet demagnetization curve plotter for testing magnet characteristics.
  • Magnetiser for ferrite magnets.
  • Grinding & Wire Cutting Facilities for Neodymium
  • Workshop for prototype fabrication.
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We have developed and sold equipment to the following industries:

  • Coal
  • Mineral processing
  • Oil industry
  • Recycling metal
  • Recycling rubber
  • Steel and steel products industry
  • Cement & Concrete Industry
  • Educational and Research Bodies
  • Government
  • Health & Therapy
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In 1989, AMS participated in a Generic Industrial Research & Development Grant of $500,000 supplied by the Industrial Research & Development Board. The purpose was for research and development in rare earth magnets and their applications. Victor was on the Management Board of the Grant.

In 1991, AMS was awarded a research and development grant of $300,000 towards magnetic product development and commercialization by the government body previously known as the department of Energy and Minerals.

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Agreements are either in place or in final stages of negotiation with:

  • Mineral Processing Testing Companies in Australia.
  • A supplier of Magnetic Mineral Processing Equipment in South Africa.
  • Suppliers of Magnetic Lifting Equipment in Italy and England.
  • Magnetic Processing Equipment in Israel for Gold & Precious Stones.
  • Suppliers of Magnetic Testing Equipment in USA and Asia.
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  • Advise on strategic developments
  • Identify application development
  • Carry out R&D cheaply
  • Concept design
  • Detail design
  • Work closely with specialty manufacturers
  • Develop assembly manufacturing
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